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Get all the information on the stuck pixel. What is a stuck pixel? How are they formed? and.. frequently asked questions.
How it work???

If you have an LCD screen, OLED or plasma screen the answer is almost certainly yes. If you have stuck pixels or screen burn there is a very good chance that Bad Crystal will be able to repair your screen.

How does it work?
Speed change several colors (RGB): 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 110, 111 of the matrix is very high, for speed change of ~ 0.01944 / 1 min, this combination is repeated 440 times, for 15 min approximately 6600 times, it allows you to recover the required amount of energy to the sub-pixels so you can return it to life.

Bad Crystal is innovative technology with much experimentation and feed back from users it emerged that the technique was very effective at repairing stuck pixels as well as screen burn-in.

Bad Crystal does not damage your screen and only positive results have been observed.
In contrast to the free Software Bad Crystal has:
1) high rate of change of color that allows you to recover 55% -80% of the stuck pixel.
2) Control the speed that would maximize the load on the pixel
3) Three powerful technologies
4) Changing the filing of flowers
5) Allows you to get rid of the stuck pixel on virtually any device with support video or animation type files.
6) It has a user-friendly interface
7) Compatible with all new OS

Any device with a LCD or plasma screen can be restored. Bad Crystal has a few options and can be used everywhere.
We have developed the Bad Crystal supports LCD, mobile phones, iPod, iPhone, PSP, televisions, mini players, and much more ...
Our application helps re-energize stuck pixels and remove burn-in on LCD screens and HDTV screens and plasma screens by randomly switching on and off red, green and blue colour cells very rapidly.

It really works?
Yes! In 70% of cases it really works.If you search for online blogs and forums talking about stuck pixels and screen burn-in you will find that many people have repaired their screens using Bad Crystal.

Warning: Bad Crystal does not help CRT displays in any way. Sorry, the technology is totally different.
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