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Get all the information on the stuck pixel. What is a stuck pixel? How are they formed? and.. frequently asked questions.
About Bad Crystal

Does Bad Crystal really work?
Yes! It realy work! You can search for online forums and blogs talking about stuck pixels and image persistence you will find that many people have repaired their screens using Bad Crystal .

Can Bad Crystal damage my screen?
No, it's technology completely safe! Running Bad Crystal to 72 hour will not cause damage to your screen. But we don't recommend use Bad Crystal, if you have problem related with "Bubble in LCD" (affected LCD screen, abruption, breaking or damage of the raised temeratury)

What happens if Bad Crystal will work more than 72 hours?
Bad Crystal raises load to video the card. Permanent job of computer without switching off in current than 72 hours can entail more an overload of video card, disruption correct work and physical damage

Can Bad Crystal repair backlight bleeding?
Unfortunately, Bad Crystal can not stop light bleeding through from the outer edges of the LCD panel.

Does support Bad Crystal on Screen with 3D iMax?
Yes! It work! since version 4.0 we added support of iMax in Bad Crystal

What defects can be fixed?
Use Bad Crystal you can fix: stuck pixel, burn-in, and vertical banding (stuck stripes)

For what types of screens it works?
It's works for all LCD, Plasma, LED, OLED and 3D screens

What technology in Bad Crystal to choose what to get rid of defect?
Each technology in Bad Crystal is unique.
Try to use technologies provided in the program in turn within 30-60 minutes. If for an interval of this time the pixel began to show activity (to blink, become brighter or more dimly), this that technology which is suitable for treatment and that technology which can fix it.
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